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Counterfeit 2012 London Games Goods

IP crime can take the form of the counterfeiting of trade-marked goods such as clothes, pharmaceuticals, car parts and electrical goods and the piracy of copyrighted material such as CDs, DVDs, software and games.

More than 350 prosecutors from the Crown Prosecution Service specially trained to build successful cases against counterfeiters and pirates. The move is in line with the recently published Hargreaves review of intellectual property and growth and the Government´s IP crime strategy, which highlighted a need for a more integrated approach with partners to enforce IP rights.

With the huge London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games events being staged in the UK, people are looking to sell counterfeit goods using trade marks associated with the games. Merchandise with unauthorised London 2012 Olympic logos are already believed to be in the UK supply chain. With counterfeit goods already tracked down by Trading Standards.

Anyone found guilty of offences under the Trade Mark Act 1994 or the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 could face a 10 year prison sentence and/or a fine. In addition, the Proceeds of Crime Act (PoCA) allows criminals´ gains from counterfeiting and piracy to be confiscated.

Read more > The IPO has an intelligence hub which acts as an information gathering and sharing body to support public and private investigations of IP crime 


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